Girls and women living in Boston during the eighteenth century had busy daily lives filled with playing, writing, working, sewing, and learning. Many also experienced extraordinary moments, like participating in the events of Revolutionary Era Boston. From Baby Caps to Mourning Rings: The Material Culture of Boston’s Eighteenth Century Girls and Women explores the lives of these women through the objects they left behind, from childhood to the close of life.



Watch. Glass and likely gold. Circa 1818. This watch was an eighteenth birthday present to Anna Eliot from her grandfather. Its good condition can likely be explained by the fact that, according to Anna’s daughter, “It was shown to her on her birthday and instantly put away!…”

To start, select numerals on Anna Eliot’s special watch to guide you through the exhibit. Begin at seven in the morning to view items from girlhood and continue exploring, finishing at day’s, and life’s, end.
This virtual exhibition is made possible by the New England Women's Club Fund at The Boston Foundation. All images courtesy of The Bostonian Society.
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